Jul Playlist 3.7

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Heyyy y’all. We back at it again. It’s July. Y’all out here having hot girl summers and all hahaha.

The last few weeks just got me really thinking about how life is really funny. TO BE HONEST- Tyanna and I should have a show. I say this all the time but honestly I feel like we need to pitch this show to like Netflix or something. I also do feel like everyone thinks they deserve their own show but IDK there’s something about our dynamic and our experiences that has us cracking up everyday. We just go through some crazy stuff, or just random out of nowhere things that our lives is just pure comedy. I know my loyal like 5 followers would watch but I’m really trying to figure out how we should take all the stories upon stories of random events that we go through and make them into a worthwhile comedy/mockumentary type of thing. So stay tuned.

Okay!! On to the playlist – I wanted to switch it up a little. I don’t know – I’m just hype it’s summer and hype for a lot things coming up so I wanted something to match that. Thats it. That’s all I have! You know the VIBES!!

Check it out! Hope you enjoy!


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