October Playlist

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Why, hello there! It’s October annnnnddd the year is over. It’s done. That’s a wrap. Like we basically should just be in 2019 now. I will never get over the fact that time moves sooo fast. I am just doing my best to keep with everything. Some months on my playlist blog posts I have a lot to say and some months I don’t. This is one of those months where I don’t have a lot to say…. yet.  I just want to focus on the music for now and maybe I will have something to share here soon.

The playlist – there are so many levels to my music palette but one that I don’t really show all the time is dance tracks/house music. I used to listen to a whole lot of house music ….. like uber cool vibe-y R&B EDM ( I think that’s the wrong genre but you know that type music. Not the corny stuff but good behind beats) type stuff, all the time in college when I would stay up all night working on my drawing portraits or design homework. This playlist is inspired of that time. Just had to change it up a little! Enjoy!!

Keep Creating,

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